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Rupy's Children's Castle

The Children are made to do a lot of participative works. Learning by doing is the key for every human to reach the success point. For this we indulge our students in various kinds of activities, play games, do practicals, go for excursions, and observe different things and phenomenon. The subject classes that we have initiated in our school, is the strongest asset for all faculty members and students.

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Message from Principal

"Do not limit your child to your learning, for he was born in another time." "Why Rupys International School?" is one burning question that is probably in every prospective parents mind. One has to understand and explore this every moment. In RIS the child is always the center of the education process. The students are given opportunity to grow with skills that will equip them to face the wide world and succeed ultimately being happy. There are numerous activities from the content books that the student experiences outside the four walls of the classroom. A lot of learning happens outside when the child is engaged in activities. Skills are learnt, not from books but through experiences that the student goes through. Equal importance is given to all subjects and there is nothing that is taught in compartments or isolation. He / she has to be made ready to grow and step into a very competitive world where Science and Technology is rapidly progressing and making inroads into every sphere of life. The fast pace of the Modern World leaves most overwhelmed leading to frustration due to lack of ethics and values.

  • At the same time New Professions are emerging and some of the old ones are gradually dying out. What best can be done is to prepare the children for the future so that they dare to face a challenging world waiting out there. What RIS does is unique. Thus my dear parents, welcome to Rupys International School, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Children's Castle at its 38th Year is always a place that makes a student feel at home. The classrooms are designed for creativity and learning. The lanes and bye lanes of a street and various innovative structures within the campus makes learning come alive where students do not feel the pressures of school life but the free spirit of human being. Students here live the moment of happiness. As a K12 school, the Learning Centre is all about growing every moment with Confidence, Compassion, Honesty, Inquiry, Independence, Respect and Love. A place where Academics is not compromised but strengthened with Sports and Extra- curricular Activities. This vision and dream of Ms Rupy has given shape to a beautiful and endearing world, a world that speaks of the passion of the Founder Director. The school follows the CBSE till grade 10th and AS and Al in the final years of 11 and 12. Learning is visible through the lives of the alumni, and the success stories stretch from being Entrepreneurs to MIT Scholarship to Ms Nepal, Universe. They are in every walk of life successful and most importantly…. happy It is pleasure to invite all the stake holders of the School to come and experience the journey of education.


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Cambridge ALevel Experience in Nepal

We have proven track record of over 30 years of excellence in imparting quality and child centered education. Our objective is to make Rupy’s a learning community of motivated students and faculty involved in active learning through inherent values and the best use of modern technology. Our highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and specialized faculty members skilled in helping native as well as foreign students learn effectively.