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Rupy's International School was established in 1982 as "The Children’s Castle", a Pre-school designed to provide quality pre-school experiences to children of the international community of Kathmandu, Nepal. Mrs. Rupinder Singh, the Founder Director of "Rupy's International school", realized the definite need to create an environment for young children that is enriching both academically and spiritually. Rupy's firm commitment and ideas were incorporated into the creation of this school for the welfare of children.
School is always a second home for students – it’s a haven, a sanctuary, and the place where the best memories of one’s life have been made. Rupy’s is an institution where values are taught and where children are encouraged to grow to their full potential. The greatness of a school can be measured by what it produces. Rupy’s International School strives to impart quality Education to students who hail from different part of the country and from the other nations. The emphasis has consistently been on character formation, academic excellence, physical and mental growth through various co-curricular activities. On the whole our school aims at a holistic development of our students. However much book learning and skill in passing examinations students may gain the true quality of education given in Rupy’s International School is to strive to turn the students into good human beings.

Rupy’s Pre-School

The Children are made to do a lot of participative works. Learning by doing is the key for every human to reach the success point. For this we indulge our students in various kinds of activities, play games, do practicals, go for excursions, and observe different things and phenomenon. The subject classes that we have initiated in our school, is the strongest asset for all faculty members and students for their teaching/learning process.

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CBSE School

Rupy’s has clear values. We want pupils to achieve all that they can, whatever their talents, and we believe in educating the whole person to deliver a well-rounded, fulfilled individual with excellent academic results. To achieve that, we believe that education must be challenging, enriching and fun filled.

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We have proven track record of over 30 years of excellence in imparting quality and child centered education. Our objective is to make Rupy’s a learning community of motivated students and faculty involved in active learning through inherent values and the best use of modern technology. Our highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and specialized faculty members skilled in helping native as well as foreign students learn effectively.

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