Chandragiri Hills

A Day to Chandragiri Hills

On Friday March 9th,the students from grade 6 to 9 were taken to the Chandragiri Hills located about 7kms from Thankot. Both international and domestic tourists find it as a solely ideal destination for a day’s escape from the city life.

 They arrived there around 10:00 AM and since it was a Friday, it was not crowded at all so that they all could enjoy their time there without any disturbance. The major highlight of Chandragiri is the cable-car. The hill station, Chandragiri, has been connected by cable car which lasts for around 9 minutes to cover 2.5km long route. Of course, many of them had a bitter-sweet feeling about getting into the cable car since the altitude was very high, but at the end, it was really fun. Upon their arrival at the top of the hill station, they enjoyed a marvelous view of the Kathmandu valley along with enthralling and picturesque mountain range to the North. There were number of cafeterias, restaurants and hotels at the top of the hill.

 Students explored the area around and played many games. Teachers looked after us and also enjoyed a lot. The Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple of Lord Shiva is also situated on the top of the hill. Chandragiri Hills carry historical significance as well. It was from these hills that King Prithvi Narayan Shah caught the first glimpse of a much scenic and prosperous Kathmandu valley, which in fact instilled in the King’s mind an idea of annexing the valley into his Kingdom.

 Later students had their buffet and spared around 30 minutes to take a break. After the buffet, all of them went around before they could leave. Finally at the end, all took a group photograph as a memory to the Chandragiri Hills.

 Overall, Chandragiri is an amusing destination for a day’s escape to get rid of bustling and suffocated city life. Moreover, it is a tour nearby Kathmandu valley to let you experience the unique blended flavor of a day hiking and tour.



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