Message from Director

“It seems just yesterday that we were planning, designing and working towards the fulfillment of an idea, a dream. A tiny seed had been planted. The right manure, enough water and just the right amount of sunshine and a castle fit for beautiful children was created.

Over 3 decades of perseverance and a vision to have an Institution which is focused not just towards academics, but in building good human beings is what Rupy’s International School has aimed at, through the sands of time.

Every year has been a silver year since 1982 and now onwards every passing year will be a step towards the golden years and I hope one day it reaches the diamond year!

I have nurtured it with much love and care. I request you all and wish that it has its permanent feature for that dream is yet to come true and has a special place in the land of Nepal.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, may all our dreams be accomplished for a school that so many personalities have helped to build.”

Ms. Rupy Singh