Transportation to and from the school is available on buses.
There are bus monitors on the buses. The bus route and timetable are posted in the office. Rupy’s International School will do its best to ensure the safety of all children. The buses are equipped with seat belts which all are encouraged to use.

Picking up of Children

Children should be picked up promptly by 2:45 p.m. If a carpool is formed we would like to know which children and which drivers are involved. The office needs to know who is authorized to pick up your child. If your child is visiting friends from school the office must be informed in writing. We will make no exceptions.

Early Pickup

Any parent, family member, or driver who comes to pick up a child before the end of the school day must first come to the office to get an out pass issued.

Visiting the school

All visitors to Rupy’s International School are asked to first come to the office and check-in. We like to know who is on our school grounds or in our building. Visitors include parents, family members, didis, dais, drivers, and prospective parents.
If a parent would like to meet their child’s teacher we ask that an appointment be made first.